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“Very Knowledgeable”

“I am relatively new to mountain biking and have taken a couple of bike lessons with other biking outfitters on the Island over the past year to improve my skills. So far Beyond Biking has been the best experience for me. Jessie was fantastic – very knowledgeable, supportive and gave great feedback for improving my skills. Beyond Biking has definitely been the greatest bang for my buck in terms of getting really solid advice and coaching at an affordable price. I tend to be a bit nervous with drops, especially combined with speed, but Jessie was able to break everything down into simple steps so it wasn’t intimidating. I felt very comfortable and safe and had a great time. I would definitely recommend going with Beyond Biking for improving your biking skills and for an opportunity to meet a great mountain biking community in Nanaimo!” – Erin

“Loved it!”

“The experience was just awesome and I would recommend this camp to every mountain biker as a must do! Loved it!!” – Ruth Johnson

“I had such a great time at this course”

“I had such a great time at this course, and am absorbing more and more each time I get a refresher on the basics. Jessie is a gifted teacher at breaking down skills so they are easy to grasp, and she can pick out helpful details for feedback. She’s fun, positive, and very helpful. I’m recommending her to my friends for sure!” – Dee, Nanaimo BC

“It was the perfect way to rekindle my love of mountain biking!”

“After an 8 year hiatus from mountain biking and Vancouver Island, a friend asked if I wanted to join her at a Gals, Gear, and Grub in Nanaimo. I was a bit hesitant at first as I hadn’t had a chance to purchase a new bike and was way out of practice. I’m so glad I decided to attend because it was the perfect way to rekindle my love of mountain biking! Jessie and Anita are amazing coaches and were able to clearly and easily demonstrate both fundamental and advanced mountain bike skills. It didn’t take long to get my riding groove back and I was able to take my riding to a new level over the course of the weekend, including getting some air! Adding to the experience was the amazing group of ladies I got to ride with, the scrumptious food (even accommodating my need for gluten and dairy free food) and some great swag. It was a truly awesome weekend.” – Jennifer, Comox

“Worth Every Penny”

“I am so glad I did this camp, worth every penny. I have lots of road biking experience but only started mountain biking with my boyfriend this year.  Learning skills from experienced females is very different (better) than learning from a guy who has different anatomical strength than me… also very inspiring. Thanks for all the tips and all of the awesome sway! Take this camp! The skills, the teaching, the gals, the grub, so amazing. My biking has improved and I can’t wait to take my new skills out on the trails.” – Candice

“Bike Camp was Amazing”

“This bike camp was amazing. Covering many different levels of bike skills, in a very relaxing atmosphere, Jessie and Anita brought me to feeling much more confident on my bike. Yoga, lunches, snacks, paddle boarding and massage, How could there be anything else added to this fantastic weekend! Thank you so much.” – Janie

“An amazing weekend”

“What a treat to spend a weekend learning new bike skills, (finally I can lift me back tire!) loved how it was adjusted to different skill levels. An amazing weekend with great food, activities and ladies.” – Amanda Emsley


“I took the basic skills course this summer. BEST COURSE EVER!!!! Jessie is a FAB caring teacher. She had me doing skills I thought I would never master. Hill climbs. Step ups. Bridges. Cornering etc. I would recommend this course to any rider that wants to improve.” – Margaret Graham

“Jessie is a natural teacher”

“The course for me amounted to updating techniques from what used to be, breaking bad habits, and stretching abilities in new areas to make for more fun improved riding and, as our group called it “less sh*tty riding” 🙂 Jessie is a natural teacher and has a knack for breaking things down into the sequence of steps needed to perform complex maneuvers, and she adapts her approach to the needs of her students. We’re so lucky to have Jessie and this course available to us in Nanaimo!” – Moufida Holubeshen


“Wow! What a great idea it was for my pals and I to take Jessie’s lessons! I thought I knew it all (not!) but seriously it was incredible how many tips we picked up including: proper positioning on the bike, relying on good technique, rather than speed in many instances, and how to get out of Moufida’s way quickly on a steep climb.” – Annette Pietrzykowski